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We support scientific community of pharmaceutical industry, biotechnological and agricultural companies, healthcare providers and academic institutions, that have an impact on Healthcare and Quality of Life. We leverage innovative Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies to advance solutions from basic research through preclinical stage to every-day clinical practice, paving the way towards personalized medicine. In the current research environment, you may want to consider outsourcing your sequencing work to NovoGenomics and focusing on the findings of your study rather than the sequencing job itself in order to elaborate on the next stages of your investigation.

Why outsource your NGS
project to NovoGenomics

Your focus on your NGS data, accelerate your research

You gain access to new NGS expertise and competences

You control and oversee your entire NGS projec

You stay in charge of your budget with defined project costs

Projects will be based on
the following flow:

Study Design
Analysis and
and delivery


The complex genomes of crops or livestock can be understood using Novogenomics next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies, which can also be used to create a reference genome sequence from which to create future tools for the analysis of genetic traits in these plants and animals.

Education & Training

By providing knowledge and sharing practical training in cutting-edge technology, high throughput techniques, and computational tools not normally found in traditional research facilities, we assist undergraduate and graduate training. We want to increase science’s influence and openly disseminate new techniques that can create local capabilities.


At Novo genomics leveraging Next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies, will advance our understanding of the human microbiome by allowing for the discovery and characterization of unculturable microbes with prediction of their function and focuses on microbiome that associated with human health and disease.

Precision medicine

Novo genomics has strengthened collaborations with leading scientists and medical experts in the kingdom and beyond. Novo genomics uses state-of-the-art genomic analysis technologies developed by the company and the hospital’s world-class clinical research to advance basic medical science research

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