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Genetic Testing

To have a healthy and safe family this test is essential

This test is designed to determine the likelihood of parents who are planning on getting married or who are already married passing on genetic diseases to their children. Our unique approach allows us to screen for more than 300 genetic disorders that are prevalent in Saudi Arabia

Why is this test right
for me and my

A premarital genetic test is a vital health evaluation that’s typically conducted on soon-to-be-married couples to reduce the chances of passing on specific genetic abnormalities to their children.

According to international guidelines carrier screening should be sought by all couples regardless of their marital status

A simple blood test, no need to worry.

Ask your healthcare provider or contact Novo Genomics for more information.

Novo’s lab team generate results
you can trust

Our  MOH certified laboratory uses
next-generation sequencing, advanced liquid-handling
robots, and customized software to ensure the integrity of our

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