What are Genetics and Genomic Testing?
Genetic testing, or genomic testing, detects alterations in a person’s genome (chromosomes, genes, and proteins) that might lead to health issues. Genetic testing can be used to screen for or diagnose certain genetic conditions. In addition, it is useful for determining which medications and dosages will be the most effective and beneficial for you. You and your loved ones can benefit greatly from genomic testing.

Why should my family and I consider genetic testing?
Genetic testing can help identify an inherited condition or disease risk. The test results might help you and your doctor:

  • Choose ways to prevent or treat a condition.
  • to find a disease at an early stage when it might be more treatable.
  • can help people make informed decisions about their future, such as whether to have children. If there is risk of passing on a genetic disorder to their children
  • Genetic testing may also tell you which family members are at risk.
  • Screening tests for newborns can aid in the early detection of medical conditions, enabling medical professionals to manage the conditions and families to plan for the future.


What do we specialize in?
Novo Genomics is a Saudi Biotech Company offers state-of-the-art genomic testing services to improve health outcomes. Our services are tailored to provide the best care available. We are on a mission to transform medicine from a reactionary to a proactive and predictive discipline. We care about you and your loved ones.

Who can order our tests?
We offer genetic testing services for patients through healthcare providers in addition to offering genetic tests for individuals and their families through genetic counseling. Kindly contact Novo Genomics if you require further assistance.

How will the confidentiality of my genetic test findings be maintained?
Novo genomics takes stringent privacy measures of the genetics and personal information following medical privacy policies and practice practices. Our data confidentiality practices are aligned with the best international practices in data security.

How is your data protected?
Novo Genomics treats all data in a confidential and highly secure manner by Saudi Arabia and international data privacy and protection laws.
This includes a multi-faceted approach to encrypting your personal and genetic data and making it impossible for your data to be accessed except by you and those authorized to analyze your data at Novo genomics. your personal information is stored and processed in Saudi Arabia, where our data center and servers are located and operated. The data is protected by Saudi data protection law and international law.

Where does Novo genomics operate?
Novo genomics is immensely proud to be fully owned and operated in Saudi Arabia. Our team has world-class experts in genomics, bioinformatics, machine learning, information technology, and business management who were trained at some of the most prestigious institutions in the world As such, we have leveraged our extensive expertise in these domains and implemented an innovative end-to-end genetic data analysis and storage framework that utilizes various national infrastructure and management solutions and aligns closely with the Saudi National Vision 2030.

What is the Genetic counselor Consultation?
Genetic counseling gives you information about how genetic conditions might affect you or your family. The genetic counselor or other healthcare professional will collect your personal and family health history. They can use this information to determine how likely it is that you or your family member has a genetic condition. Based on this information, the genetic counselor can help you decide whether a genetic test might be right for you or your relative.

Do you offer genetics counseling consultation?
Yes, we do offer genetic counseling service through Okadoc platform as virtual consultations. We have medical geneticist and genetic counselors. We offer pre-counseling session to gather the patient information, the nature of the illness and the family history, offer a genetic testing and discuss what is expected from the offered test. Then we offer post counseling session to explain the result of the genetic test, provide the risk and facilitate informed reproductive decision making.

How can I book for a genetic counseling consultation?
Kindly log to Okadoc platform, under clinical genetics service to reservice for genetic consultation.

Why I need Genetic counselling?
Reasons for Genetic Counseling
Based on your personal and family health history, your doctor can refer you for genetic counseling. There are different stages in your life when you might be referred for genetic counseling:

Planning for Pregnancy: Genetic counseling before you become pregnant can address concerns about factors that might affect your baby during infancy or childhood or your ability to become pregnant, including.


During Pregnancy: Genetic counseling while you are pregnant can address certain tests that may be done during your pregnancy, any detected problems, or conditions that might affect your baby during infancy or childhood, including:

  • History of infertility, multiple miscarriages, or stillbirth
  • Previous pregnancy or child affected by a birth defect or genetic condition.
  • Abnormal test results, such as a blood test, ultrasound, Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS), or amniocentesis
  • Maternal infections, such as Cytomegalovirus (CMV), and other exposures such as medicines, drugs, chemicals, and x-rays
  • Genetic screening that is recommended for all pregnant women, which includes cystic fibrosissickle cell disease, and any conditions that run in your family or your partner’s family


Caring for Children: Genetic counseling can address concerns if your child is showing signs and symptoms of a disorder that might be genetic, including:


Managing Your Health: Genetic counseling for adults includes specialty areas such as cardiovascular, psychiatric, and cancer. Genetic counseling can be helpful if you have symptoms of a condition or have a family history of a condition that makes you more likely to be affected with that condition, including:

Following your genetic counseling session, you might decide to have genetic testing. Genetic counseling after testing can help you better understand your test results and treatment options, help you deal with emotional concerns, and refer you to other healthcare providers and advocacy and support groups.

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