Novo Genomics signs an MOU with Oxford Nanopore

Novo Genomics and Oxford Nanopore signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) today, kicking off such cooperation to bring the benefits of nanopore sequencing to human health programs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Premarital Genetic Testing

Premarital genetic screening is a group of tests recommended for couples who are planning on getting married. These tests aim to assess the risk of these couples passing certain diseases to their children.

Carrier Screening

Screening programs for the most common diseases in a country are evidence-based prevention strategies. Because of the highly consanguineous population, the burden of autosomal recessive disease variations and X-linked diseases in Saudi Arabia is high. Novo genetic Carrier screening test is the best solution for estimating the carrier frequency of the most common diseases.

Hereditary Diseases

Testing for hereditary genetic variants can help confirm or negate the presence of suspected medical conditions. This type of test can also determine the chances of a person developing certain medical conditions during their lifetime or passing them on to their offspring.

Heredity Cancer

Prevention is better than cure. Early Prediction and detection of cancer maximize patient health outcomes and decrease a person’s risk of developing certain types of cancer. At Novo Genomics, we test for hereditary genetic variants that increase the chances of a person developing cancer during their lifetime. Our comprehensive cancer genetic test covers hereditary blood cancers, hereditary leukemia, hereditary breast cancer, and gynecological […]


This test aims to inform parents – to – be about the health status of their unborn child. This test can predict the likelihood of having a normal or an affected child. Non invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) is a safe screening test. It screens the entire genome of fetuses for certain conditions. According to the […]

Newborn Screening

Newborn genetic screening aids in identifying treatable genetic disorders in newborns. Early treatment or management of these disorders can eliminate or reduce symptoms that would otherwise result in a lifetime of impairment—our newborn genetic screening service screens for certain conditions prevalent in the Saudi population.


The body is made up of several systems. Each of these systems can be affected by several conditions. Every clinical condition has an underlying genetic component. Investigating clinical conditions at the genetic level enables the personalization of healthcare, where one size does not fit all (precision medicine). Our specialty and system based clinical sequencing and […]

Saudi Women’s Health

Novo Genomics attended the Saudi Women’s Health Conference, where Dr.Budoor Almansour delivered a talk titled “The Role of Genomics in Women’s Health.”

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